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Catalyst Series

"A Breathtaking Story of Resilience and The Determination of The Human Spirit!."


Cade Rearden

"This Series is Awesome, Great Characters, Cool Tech and Lots of Action!"


Savage Earth

A Killing Horde Has Been Unleased On The World. Can One Enhanced Soldier Make a Difference?

Meet The Author

Hi, I'm JK Franks

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the literary world.

From a young age, I immersed myself in the wonders of technology and the endless possibilities of speculative fiction. My books are often a blend of apocalyptic suspense and technology-based thrillers. Despite the countless hours of meticulously research, what I am most remembered for is the deeply real characters I write. People you feel like you know....or wish you did. People who are smart, funny, flawed and filled with hope. They live in the gray area between good or bad...just like most of us. Take a few days with any of my books and see if you agree.

Thank You!